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Pat Bertram Introduces… Sergio Pereira

The Ginger Nuts of Horror – Horror Author Interview: Sergio Pereira

The Writing World – Monday Interview Madness Featuring Sergio Pereira

If you’re looking for a good-natured, big-hearted, belly-laughing read to make your day a little less grim, then give The Not-So-Grim Reaper a go.” – Starburst Magazine, 2018

Activate – Marketing for Authors

The Bookie Monster – Interview: Sergio Pereira

“South African author, Sergio Pereira, brings a little dark urban horror to the anthology with ‘Hush’, a story of witchcraft set in an abandoned hospital in the East Rand area of South Africa. He blends legends from his homeland with tales of witchcraft from Europe to deliver an effectively creepy tale with a cast of believable and genuine characters.” – This is Horror, 2016

Book Goodies – Interview with Author Sergio Pereira

Interviews with Writers – Interview with Author – Sergio Pereira

Awesome Gang – Sergio Pereira

Patrick Satters – Author Interview with Sergio Pereira

ICED Magazine February 2016 – Interview – Sergio Pereira

“Sergio Pereira teaches you how catching a glimpse of the future makes you appreciate the present.” –, 2015 – Interview with Sergio Pereira

Dave de Burgh – Meet Lakeman Sergio Pereira

The Not-So-Grim Reaping with Sergio Pereira

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