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Create Your Deity

Create Your Deity

Surprise! I haven’t posted a short story in a long time, so I decided to leave you Create Your Deity as a gift. It isn’t your traditional short, as it reads like a press release. While it’s different from anything else I’ve done, I hope this…

Abstract painting

The Creative Journey: Be Fearless And Relentless

Creating anything is tough. Most people end up seeing the final product – either hating, loving or ignoring it – and never witnessing the creative journey you took to get it out there. Truth be told, the majority don’t care. Everything is disposable nowadays and how…

Social Media Like

Why Does Social Media Suck Sometimes?

Hello! It’s been a month and a bit since my last update, hasn’t it? Truth is, things have been going well with a whole bunch of stuff – freelance, personal, and work – so, I’ve been getting stuck in and enjoying the wave of good fortune.…


The Waiting Game – Patience Laughs At Your Agony

Do you want to know what the worst part about being a writer is? The waiting game. From the time of completion to submission to getting feedback (if any), it feels like time stands still – but it really doesn’t. You get greyer and notice you…