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Film adaptations of books

Film Adaptations of Novels Shouldn’t Be THAT Difficult

Before I even decided to write about film adaptations of novels, I promised myself I wasn’t going to talk about the pandemic or the “new normal” (whatever the hell that means). It’s tiresome and there’s enough official information out there, so don’t come here for it.…

The Harrowing Case of 2020

The year 2020 has been quite the decade, hasn’t it? Normally, a gap between my posts is a result of work and life events. Well, the latter is certainly applicable here. We’re barely four months into the year and we’ve seen the threat of World War…

Stories in a Book

Why You Should Appreciate the Stories You Need, Not Want

Traversing the digital landscape, it’s unsurprising to see hot takes and oddball comments. After all, the internet is the place where common sense and logic go to die in lieu of RTs and heart-shaped emoticons. The weirdest comments usually surround fictional characters and stories. Now, don’t…