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My musings on writing and other stuff.

Stories in a Book

Why You Should Appreciate the Stories You Need, Not Want

Traversing the digital landscape, it’s unsurprising to see hot takes and oddball comments. After all, the internet is the place where common sense and logic go to die in lieu of RTs and heart-shaped emoticons. The weirdest comments usually surround fictional characters and stories. Now, don’t…

The Best Of… Me?

Oh, hey! Fancy meeting you here again. What’s been up with me, you ask? Well, the usual. I’m writing and writing and writing… And you get the picture. It’s been a whirlwind few months as I started a new job while trying to balance my freelance…

iPad and Netflix

Recommended Entertainment For May 2019

For someone who spits out thousands of words a week, I struggle to post on my own website. Go figure. Part of the reason for this, I think, is because of social media. I already share every article and project I’m working on there, so why…