The Harrowing Case of 2020

The year 2020 has been quite the decade, hasn’t it? Normally, a gap between my posts is a result of work and life events. Well, the latter is certainly applicable here. We’re barely four months into the year and we’ve seen the threat of World War 3 and now a pandemic that’s brought the world’s economy to its knees.

As a creative, I’ll admit that it’s difficult to stay productive during this time. The uncertainty is everywhere, the worst of society is seeping through at every opportunity, and there’s a lingering threat that nothing will be the same again. Right now, that novel or screenplay feels more like an afterthought than a priority…

Likewise, this has been a harrowing reminder that everything changes in a heartbeat. We blinked and the world turned upside down in an instant. Yet, it’s also put a lot into perspective.

I don’t want to talk about “long-term goals” and “future plans”. In this moment, I’m allowing myself to be a human being, to be alive, to be scared, and to feel—for my loved ones, for my friends, for myself. It might be uncomfortable. It might hurt. But I’d rather feel something than nothing at all.

Chaos is anxiety. Chaos is frustrating. But chaos is also a part of life. It might be weird now, it might leave a scar, but we’ll be OK. If not, it won’t be the end.

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