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It’s the beginning of the year and we’re all trying to find a little inspiration to kick-start January in the right way. It’s weird, but there is a refreshing feeling of starting off the new year in a positive manner and free from the baggage of the previous 12 months. Maybe it’s a slight course correction you’re looking for, or a complete reboot; whichever way, I hope that you achieve everything you dream of in 2018.

As a way of saying thank you, I’m giving away a short story. There will be no download links or loopholes – it’s right here on this page. If you’re ever feeling down in 2018, re-read this story and hopefully find some motivation to kick the bad vibes in the nuts.


“Join me,” she said.

My tired eyes remained fixated on the smudge on the tile. “In death?” I asked.

“No, silly.” She laughed. “In the music. Can’t you hear it?”

I traced the gap between the tiles. “The music died a long time ago.”

“The music never dies,” she said, her arms dancing around her head. “Sometimes, there’s just a… Pause between songs.”

“It’s been a pretty long pause, then.”

“So, press play again.”

I placed my hand on the smudge. Perfect fit. “No. It’s too late for me.”

“It’s never too late. All you have to do is allow yourself to feel it.”

That was the problem: I didn’t want to. The tears trickled down my cheeks, burning my eyes but cooling the pain.

Looking into my eyes, she hummed.

Launch Pad Music

The tips of my fingers sparked and tingled as if they were about to explode. “What’s happening?” I asked her.

“Just feel it,” she said.

The tingling slid up my arm, across my shoulder blades, and down my spine. It stabbed, it was excruciating, but it excited me. I lifted my hand from the tile and a soft, melancholic sound resonated.

“Do you hear it?” she asked.

I rested my hand on the next tile, feeling the warmth and vibration lingering beneath my fingertips. “I do,” I said.

“What do you hear?”

Every heartache. Every time I was told I wasn’t good enough. Every moment when I knew I wouldn’t see someone again. My soul shrieked from the harrowing pain. But I felt something. I felt something besides the deafening silence. “Life,” I said.

With that, she vanished into the melody. And the music never stopped again.

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