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Writing and the Balance of Life

In my short time on this planet, I’ve been fortunate enough to identify the importance of balance. If anything, I do believe I’m excellent at the art of time management and knowing when I need to take a breather from it all. We live in a time when burnout is celebrated as some sort of achievement, when it’s actually pretty stupid and does more harm than good.

For me, my life is fairly jam-packed at the moment. I have a full-time day job, an after-hours freelance writing job for two entertainment websites, studies and assignments, an on-demand copywriting and editing gig, and my fiction, of course. At times, it does get daunting to manage, but I love the thrill of it. I’d probably feel lazy if I gave up anything.

That said, there are moments when I need to breathe. This week, for example, I had one of those flustered, overwhelming feelings. You know, that feeling where you ask yourself what you are doing with your life. It bums you out and you start to think negatively about stuff, which makes matters even worse.

Having experienced this downer many times before, I know it’s my body and mind’s way of saying, “Slow down, pal.” So, that’s exactly what I did. I looked at all of my commitments and established what was urgent and what wasn’t, and completed the pressing tasks. Then, I relaxed. I played PlayStation, I read, I watched my favourite TV series, I did nothing. By doing all the things I wanted to, the result is now a reenergised mind and body. Seriously, it worked.

Mental health isn’t a joke. If you’re feeling down, it’s your brain telling you that something is wrong and you need to fix it. Burning out won’t impress anyone and does more damage than good in the long run. Learn to listen to the signs that your mind and body emit and respect that balance is needed. Trust me, sometimes delaying that piece of writing by a week or a month will be worth more than completing it right now.

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