“The Interview” Published in One Hundred Voices Anthology

No matter how many times it happens, it never gets old writing these announcement posts. I’m grateful and excited to reveal the details of my latest story, “The Interview”, published in Centum Press’s One Hundred Voices anthology.

About One Hundred Voices

The book contains one hundred short stories and pieces of flash fiction that were written by 100 different authors. Some of our authors have never been published before while some have written multiple novels and have received a variety of awards. Centum Press says it’s especially excited about the diversity represented among the authors of the book.

About “The Interview”

Set in a futuristic world where machines control the industries, “The Interview” is a sci-fi story about a young human named John Graves who is interviewed by a robot CEO. John despises how the robots have taken over the world and openly shows his disdain. Will his prejudice towards the machines cost him the job?

Where can I buy it?

The paperback version is available from Amazon right now. I’m still awaiting details on the eBook version, but I would imagine for it to be out soon as well.

Let me know what you think of One Hundred Voices after you’ve read it.

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