September News Round-Up

A lot has happened this past month. I’ve discussed a few of these news items on social media, but this is the best round-up of all things happening in Sergio world at present.

Tales from the Lake Vol 3Tales from the Lake: Vol. 3

It’s been over a week since the release of Tales from the Lake: Vol. 3 and what a launch it was. The anthology broke into numerous Amazon charts and the reviews have been nothing less than five stars. Joe and his team did a tremendous job and I have to thank everyone involved – from the authors, editors, proofreaders, publishers to the readers – for making it the success it was. I should be receiving news on the paperback editions soon, so keep your eyes on my Facebook and Twitter feeds for more info.

‘Hush’ screenplay

I’ve completed a screenplay of my story ‘Hush’ that appeared in Tales from the Lake: Vol. 3 and handed it over to a South African film-maker. The discussions around the film have been positive and I’m hoping that production starts soon. The first step to global domination is nearly complete.

Monster Brawl

The contract’s signed, sealed and delivered. My story ‘Vices’ will appear in Sirens Call Publication’s Monster Brawl anthology. If you like to read about monsters knocking the snot out of each other, you’ll probably buy two copies of this and ask me lots of questions about what ‘Vices’ is really about – but I’ll leave it open to interpretation. I don’t have an official release date yet, but I’ll let you know when I know.

BatmanBatman story

I’ve never been a fan fiction writer – never attempted it, nor did I think I ever would. Yet, after all the rumours of how the upcoming Batman solo film should pan out, I decided to take a stab at a prologue. By no means do I have any inside info, it’s just a fun project for all the geeks like me. The story will be released for free in the next week or two.

Why did my short stories disappear?

People have asked me about the possibility of an anthology collecting all of my short stories released to date; however, it’s been difficult to do since some of them were wrapped up in rights and competition clauses. Thankfully, I now hold the rights to all of my previous material and plan to release the collection in one book. I’ve spoken to a publisher about the possibility of releasing the anthology, so let’s hold thumbs for a yay. It’ll also be a good time to change up a few stories and perhaps even endings, ensuring the people who’ve already bought and supported them aren’t getting duplicates of past work.

Comic book series

As mentioned a few months ago, I wrote a five-issue comic book series with a couple of other creatives. The script is complete, and the artists are still busy working on character designs and backgrounds. I’ve seen some test samples and it’s looking amazing. There’s no deadline on this project and everyone has their own work on the go, but I hope I’ll have something more concrete to show you soon.


As I’ve been saying for ages now, I’ve completed a selection of novels. However, I’m not interested in self-publishing them at present and would prefer to work with a team that can take it to the next level. I’m not bashing the self-publishing model, which I think is great by the way, but I don’t feel as if it’s the right route for these types of novels. When I do find this magical team I’m looking to work with, you’ll be the first to know.

And that’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

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