Hooray! Another Story Has Been Sold!

One thing about me is that when I promise to do something, I stick to it. In an earlier post from this year, I promised a lot more stories would be coming – and I meant it.

First, Devolution Z published ‘Goblinphobia’. The issue did really well on Amazon and I’m pleased with how the story turned out since it was a pretty crazy idea. Perhaps I should patent the legal goblin comedy genre for the future and write more about goblin woes?

Last week, while I scrubbed the grime off my stove, I found out that another story of mine will be part of an anthology published by one of the best horror publishers around today. I nearly dropped my phone on top of the greasy plate when I read the email, but I saved it just before it landed in germs of tenants past. Once I have all the information on the anthology’s release, I’ll reveal more. All I can say is that it’s a South African-centric story that rewrites history.

While the publishing machine does its thing, I’m scribbling away my new novel’s first draft. It isn’t quite halfway, but it’s because I’m taking a bit more time with it than usual. The feedback from my writing group has been phenomenal, so I’m feeling inspired to write the damn book. If you like Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens, I’m sure you’ll like [I’m not telling you the title yet].

I’ve also wrapped up two other short stories that I’m shopping around, so hopefully those will be in print soon. Or maybe I’ll release one on NoiseTrade Books. We’ll see.

Then, I’ve got a semi-edited novel that I need to tackle again. The reason it’s in limbo is because I started rewriting it from a character’s perspective. It flows better but will take time to rewrite. Sigh. Writer woes.

Apart from these projects, I still have another three stories burning away on the hard drive and a comic book series that I’m writing with a team of cool people. It’s a whole bunch of stuff, but I work better when I have more to do than too little.

Finally, OpenBooks.com interviewed me recently. It’s quite a long read, but it isn’t littered with self-promotion (score!). I quite enjoyed how it turned out, so check it out.

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Sergio Pereira

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