When Death Met Dolly

Whoever created the idea of a writing prompt deserves a medal or a packet of Ghost Pops. I’m a sucker for this type of writing game and find it interesting to see what I, as well as others, come up with based on an image, sound or idea. In fact one of the past writing prompts I participated in actually won me a competition (yes, I’m bragging), so I probably love them even more now.

Yesterday, Inkitt published a writing prompt on its Facebook page. The task was to write a short story based on the image accompanying this post and the following Alice Hoffman quote: “Melancholy was around me like a shroud, my sorrow sewn to me with the black thread demons are said to use.” The challenge, though, was to do it in 50 words. This is my story, When Death Met Dolly:

“Feed me more,” said Death.

I couldn’t. I’d given him everything – all I held dear and all I hated. The world.

“Please,” I begged, “there’s nothing more I can give you.”

“There’s always more,” he roared.

“What more could you possibly want?”

“Step into the nothing and find out.”

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