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The worst thing about writing for online is that creative headlines are normally bad for SEO purposes. Google’s algorithm values simplicity over poeticism. However, being the rebel I am, I decided to put creativity above SEO this time and create a catchy title. So if no one reads this post, I’ll know why.


The first item on the agenda is: comics. If you’re reading this post, I’m fairly certain that you know about the comic strip EV Hill, which was released last month. I’m pleased to say that the reception has been overwhelmingly positive and many people have asked if there are plans for more strips down the line. Well, it depends on several factors, but I do have big ideas for EV Hill and you certainly haven’t heard the last from him.

Now the title says comics, which obviously implies plural. I can’t reveal too much just yet, but Grant Sissons (EV Hill artist) and I are working on another big project. It’s comic book-related, but it might be something else as well. Work has commenced on it, so that’s all I can reveal for now.


Three days after EV Hill’s release, I received the news that I’d won a Halloween writing competition for my story The Hangman. The Midnight Society is a website run by a talented group of authors, so to have them select my story as the winning entry was a huge honour. You can read the story here.


Here’s the strange thing: after the success of EV Hill and The Hangman, I encountered a serious case of the jitters. I questioned every word that I typed and every story I’d envisioned. Thankfully it only hit me for about two weeks, and now it’s gone. Since then I’ve finished off two short stories, which I plan on releasing soon (not sure if I’ll do so this year or next), restarted an older story, continued writing a new-ish story and revised a completed manuscript. While in the past I’ve been in a rush to get things done as quickly as possible, I’ve learned to be more patient and avoid oversaturation.

That’s it from me, ghouls and girls! If you have any questions or want to chat, you know where to find me.

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