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Years ago I wrote a story. A story about a boy named EV Hill. Inspired by The Addams Family and horror films about evil children, it became a horror comedy. Since then the manuscript has done the rounds around the globe — nearly being published, nearly becoming a series, nearly becoming [insert whatever you like here]. When the novel is finally published one day, I will reveal the whole history, because it’s actually wild and incredible.

Rather than let the story gather dust on the top shelf until then, I decided it would be cool to take some elements of it and turn it into a comic strip like the old Addams Family comics. Since the basis of the novel is about evil EV and his doofus brother, John, it would only be fair to focus on the two of them for the comic.

I approached Grant Sissons, who I’ve known through the music industry, about doing the art for it. He said yes and wanted to do it completely old school, using paper, pencil and ink. And he did it!

After weeks of snippets, the strip is complete and available to read below.

I’d like to take a moment to thank Grant for the amazing work and dedication that he gave to this project. It was the first comic attempt for the both of us, and I’m super proud of how it turned out. A special thanks also needs to go out to Jarrod Saunders who provided editorial feedback on the script and gave it a thumbs up.

I hope you guys dig it.


EV Hill and his brother, John, head off to find a present for their uncle Timothy…in the cemetery.


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