Stop Caring About What Others Think of You

One man. One laptop. Armed with potent words about the creative industry and surrounded by a plethora of opinionated enemies. Sergio Pereira returns as ‘The Writer’, in the sequel to The Art of Not Losing Your Mind. He will not leave until the ink is dry and the enemies are silenced…

Man, that was awesome! I’ve always dreamt of beginning an article like an 80s action film trailer (*ticks off another item from the bucket list*) and it’s finally happened. In all seriousness, though, I do owe a debt of gratitude to Adam Boyd for the title of this piece, since it was he who left similar words as a comment on ‘The Art of Not Losing Your Mind’. Stop caring what others think of you: it’s a simple concept, but it’s also one that we often ignore to our own detriment.


How many projects have you not even started because you think you’ll fail? Well, you fail for not even trying and that’s worse. The world is full of people who love to talk trash on the Internet about this and that, but it’s funny how they’re also the ones who never attempt anything in the first place.

I get it. Words are like daggers and the hate culture is an unfortunate reality of our times. It shouldn’t deter you, though, because it’s often perpetrated by a bunch of people who wouldn’t even buy into your art if they did love it in the first place. Nothing – and I mean nothing – annoys a troll more than someone who carries on despite the vitriol hurled at them. Resilience is the best reaction to detractors.


However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore all criticism. No, my friend, rather the opposite. All good art can be improved upon and criticism is vital to the journey (whoa! That was quite deep). However, there’s constructive criticism and then there’s destructive criticism.

For example, this is constructive criticism: “Hi Sergio, I enjoyed ‘The Art of Not Losing Your Mind’; however, I felt that you could’ve expanded on your concepts and gone deeper. For instance, you could’ve expanded on the stop caring what your friends and family think point.” Thank you, Nameless Example 1, what an excellent idea. This article is just for you.

This is destructive criticism: “Hey, your posts are really stupid. You give me a hernia by just clicking on them. I hate you and your stupid name. You’re like a buttered pigeon poop sandwich. LOL.” Thank you, Nameless Example 2, I hope you enjoy eating your buttered pigeon poop sandwich. Why not add some sweet chilli sauce to it?

I think I’ve made my point clear enough. Never shut yourself off or think that you’re immune to receiving good advice. Strive to learn and improve from comments that add value.

Finally, it’s amazing to see what you can achieve when you put fear and opinions to rest. There’s no point in stopping your life because a couple of people might not like what you’re doing. Forget about those distractions and focus on getting what you want to done. Trust me, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards – and nothing can ever top that feeling.

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