Compulsory Reading Material

Over the past month your friendly neighbourhood writer has been spinning his web of fun and crafting reading material to make your time at work pass by a heck of a lot quicker. From films to comic books, there should be something for everyone. Here’s your reading list (with links):

4 Underrated Comic Book Films

Here’s a fun exercise for you: Flick (or click) through your film library. Pick out your favourite comic book film. Got it? Now pick another one that’s so underrated that your brain can’t even compute how Furious 7 made more money than it. In case you need some more suggestions, here’s a list of four underrated comic book films. Read more

Hollywood: Spider-Man’s Greatest Foe

Even though he’s considered as one of the premium superheroes and arguably Marvel’s most recognisable character, Spider-Man hasn’t exactly had the best of luck in Hollywood. While every other major superhero has received a cinematic opus, Peter Parker is left twiddling his thumbs as his story has been rebooted for the third time in 15 years. Read more

5 Underrated Horror Film Villains

Freddy Krueger. Michael Myers. Jason Voorhees. Pinhead. Dracula. These are the names that strike fear into the hearts of moviegoers across the world (and created franchises that Hollywood has milked until the udders are raw). Yet, there are many more terrifying characters that haven’t always received the attention they deserve. Here is our pick of the five most underrated horror film villains. Read more

Batman Beyond: The Live-Action Film That We Deserve

Think back to 1999. Batman Beyond, or Batman of the Future as it was known in South Africa, had the weight of the world on its soldiers. Namely because it had to follow the universally praised and four-time Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series, arguably the greatest animated show of all time. Furthermore, the story was ambitious to say the least, as it would focus on a new protagonist and Batman (Terry McGinnis) and would only feature a handful of the classic characters from the original caped crusader’s folklore. Read more

Happy reading!

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