The Art of Not Losing Your Mind

This world is mad. It’s completely insane. We live in the age where memes mean more than words. Artists hate artists, and the rest of the world thinks we’re talentless hacks who should get real jobs like counting beans. Yet, there is hope. There is a secret to keeping our brain matter intact. This isn’t a life hack; this is the art of not losing your mind!

Stop caring what your friends and family think

Being a writer has been an eye-opener for me. It’s made me realise how much I hate people. Okay, okay, I’m being overdramatic. It isn’t that bad. What it has taught me is that you can’t rely on those close to you for two reasons: i) it’ll give you a false sense of achievement; ii) most of them don’t care about any of your ventures until you become famous and can give them something in return (human nature is a funny thing). Like a musician starting out his career, you need to earn your legion of followers. Build your own fan base, interact with people and don’t be an idiot.

Entitlement is for losers

Have I ever read someone else’s work and thought I wrote something better? If I said no, I’d be a hypocrite. However, there’s no point in being a self-entitled brat and telling the publisher how wrong it is for not picking my work. Art is a matter of opinion and preference. Be gracious and supportive of others. Everyone deserves a little bit of sunshine in their lives. No one owes you anything and you need to earn things in this life.

Learn when to shut off

Whenever I see the writers on Twitter abusing the #amwriting hasthtag endlessly, I chuckle. There is no way that’s what you spend your whole day doing (you’re tweeting, so you’re not writing anything except the tweet), so stop lying to us. We are all humans. We need to eat, go for walks, watch a movie and spend time with other people. If the only thing you ever do is write, your life balance is skewed and you will suffer a meltdown at some point. Trust me, I know.

Don’t take anything personally

Do you know how many emails I send out suggesting pitches and ideas in a month? Millions! Ha, I’m lying – it’s probably close to thirty or so. Curious to know how many replies I get? Probably less than 1%. However, I’m not upset about it. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life. They could be going through something major that’s way more important than your idea for a shared world epic about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The best advice here is, move on. If the person is interested, he/she will get back to you. If not, no harm, no foul.

I hope these four tips will help you stay on your rocker. Nonetheless, if you do fall, own it, buddy. Own it.

3 thoughts on “The Art of Not Losing Your Mind

  1. Most important point Don’t care what others think. Live outside the box that has been built around you all your life. Good read sir

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