Roku Stories: Six Word Epics

There’s something special about minimalism. It’s stripped down, economical and allows the reader to let his/her imagination run wilder than a toddler in a toy factory. In simpler terms, it’s the so-often-quoted-that-it-now-annoys KISS (keep it simple, stupid) theory (marketers LOVE this acronym).

As a writer who is on the prowl for new ways to sharpen his skills, I’m constantly seeking interesting information and ideas on social media (see? It’s useful for more than just sharing funny cat pictures. Although, those hilarious kitty photos are the soul of the Internet). A few months ago, through a RT on my timeline, I discovered @RokuStories. Roku is the Japanese word for six and this Twitter account provides daily themes and encourages followers to tweet their own — you guessed it — six word stories. Needless to say, following it has proven to be the best decision ever.

Here are some of my favourite stories to date:

And here are some of my favourite contributions:

I’ve always been a fan of the flash fiction format. By limiting it to six words, though, you quickly learn how to practice word economy and concisely tell a story. So, if you’re on Twitter, join in on the fun and contribute a couple stories of your own.

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