Do You Hate Reading?

Looking back now, I think I was rather privileged in my early years as mini-Sergio. My parents bought me a plethora of books, comic books, and other readable goodies (mostly featuring my idols Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), while my teachers encouraged me to read Roald Dahl’s novels and Franklin W. Dixon’s The Hardy Boys series. This coupled with my SEGA Megadrive and Ghost Pops, and I was the happiest child in the world.

I say I was privileged, because I know a lot of people who were forced to absorb other books, which might’ve had an impact on how they perceive literature. You see, perception is often the biggest problem. I’ve had chats with various people who don’t even fathom what is available for them to read. Why? Because they’ve developed a mental block towards reading, due to previous unfavourable experiences in their formative years.

Let’s see and address 4 of the most common complaints about reading:

“It’s all High English and snooty.” Wrong. Just because you covered a couple of Shakespearean tales in English class doesn’t mean all books are written that way. Pick up anything by Chuck Palahniuk and you’ll even find a few curse words that you didn’t even know existed.

“Books are boring.” Okay, for the life of me, I don’t know why some schools pick the course readers that they do, because I, too, read so many boring books that made me want to give up on life as I paged through them. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that all books are the equivalent of watching paint dry. I recently finished Tracy Hickman’s Wayne of Gotham, which is all about Batman, and it was far from boring (any debate about Batman being boring will be invalid, because Batman is always cool – except for Batman & Robin). In fact, Hickman’s novel should’ve found its way into Christopher Nolan’s Batman series.

“Books are so long.” Then, don’t buy the ones which are over 1000 pages, dummy. Start off with novels that are 200-300 pages; you’ll be surprised by how quickly you get through them.

“The movies are better.” Read the first 5 chapters of Stephen King’s It and then come speak to me again. The literary version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown is the most ruthless monster in the history of monsters!

So, there we have it. Hopefully, this blog post has helped dispel some of the myths about reading, and will encourage a few people to pick up a book soon. SPOILER ALERT: Game of Thrones might be off-air until next year, but George R. R. Martin’s story continues in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

9 thoughts on “Do You Hate Reading?

  1. Love this article! People are very stuck in series lately. And this movie/book debate? They don’t realize that the movies leave out so many important details!

    PS There is nothing like the smell of a new book and getting completely lost in it for hours 😀

    1. Thank you, Lucinda. I completely agree with your comment about movies leaving out crucial details.

      Oh, and agreed. Nothing beats the smell of a new book, either 😀

  2. I admittedly am one of those people who don’t read enough books generally but read a lot of material online but once i find a book I enjoy then I love it.

    I grew up almost feeling like reading was a struggle. which was a difficult feeling to break but realising that I needed glasses for reading helped a lot and even more then that, as you said it is almost completely about finding the right content and flow (by that I mean when you are finishing a book- then have a new one lined up else it breaks the flow)

    1. That’s great, though, GG2000. It is about finding the right content, much like with anything else in life. If you find something that speaks to you, you’ll enjoy it more 🙂

  3. I must admit, I hated reading when I was at school, because we were forced to read a certain type of book. Now that I’m an adult I enjoy reading because I have free reign as to what I would like to read. I go through phases where I read either non-fiction or fiction books. I don’t always find the time to read as much as I would like to during the year, but I make a point in making up for it when I’m on holiday. I prefer reading actual books as opposed to reading them electronically. Among other things, books don’t need to be charged. One thing I enjoy most about reading is that it allows me to run away with my imagination.

  4. I started reading as a teenager as a means to escape the small town boredom and the day to day snobbish high school peers that I disliked as much as they disliked me. The words on those pages educated me more so than what was taught in the class room and has helped me deal with being a 20-something city dweller. I struggle with time now to read books but my blog roll read is a daily event.

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